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the gold lies in
How much time do you spend on Instagram & Instagram Stories per day?

30 minutes perhaps? 
That's 3.5 hours per week. 

Okay. Not so bad. But that's an entire work month of 22 days by the end of the year.... (3.5 x 52= 182 hrs / by 8hr work day = 22 days)

1 hr a day? 
That’s 2 months a year.

2 hrs? 
4 months a year. FOUR MONTHS a year on Instagram. 

Should you perhaps be looking at this more like a business opportunity rather than a time wasting distraction? A vanity? A spy feature...? I think you should… I think we all should. You essentially spend time on the platform already, a lot of time... and everyone else is also on this platform. It's an open playground for business that you are just not capitalizing on… yet. 
So let's…..

120 Pages Filled with tips & tricks on how to master IG Stories!
  • Passive Income: How anyone can uncover the Secret Treasures
  • Engagement: Why lead with purpose
  • Guide: 10 ways to increase engagement
  • Tribe: Why focus on your tribe
  • Psychology: Learn the psychology of engagement
  • Story Telling: Why Instagram Stories
  • Blueprint: 7 Day Blueprint to grow your engagement
Learn How To:
- incorporate revenue streams
- incorporate affiliate sales
- capitalize on the knowledge business
- accept that you have the power to disrupt
- grow your followers through engagement
- how to unleash further revenue sources
- master the psychology of engagement
Tips & Tricks
Would you like to use the swipe up feature but don't have 10k followers? This and a lot more you will find in our ever evolving Instagram tips & tricks section.
" Everyone has the capacity to rise above a mediocre life and shoot for Greatness, and never has it been easier to accomplish that than it is right here, right now, in this unparalleled sweet spot of available air space.
Available for a Limited Time Only
Jason Heiber

Founder of Digital Marketing NYC & Google Expert Speaker. 

The reason I am writing a book on instagram stories is because it's the hottest piece of social media at your disposal at the moment, and - if used right - it can provide enormous potential to absolutely anyone out there. If Instagram Stories and Instagram all together is used to your advantage, then you can achieve incredible things on this platform. 
I would like to take you on an impactful and empowering journey so you can understand that in changing your mentality from "chasing followers" towards "growing engagement" you can move into a position of not only immense personal gain, but one where you are actually adding to the greater good of the world and contributing to humanity as a “whole”. It's the old push versus pull mentality, one so simple, yet hardly anyone is doing it right.

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